Successful Sales Funnel

An effective sales funnel can put your business on autopilot, and consistently turn prospects into paying customer ... if you structure the right way.

The following best practices and strategies have proven successful for making sales funnels produce the intended result, lots of traffic, lots of prospects, and lots of sales.

The AIDA sales formula (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) is a powerful top to bottom sales funnel.

  • Make sure your opt-in bribe contains a quick win. Focus on one subject only, solving just one problem or answering one question.
  • Keep your opt-in form simple and short. Don't ask for any more information than you absolutely must.
  • Use videos throughout your sales funnel, especially when developing interest and building desire. The human brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Always write from the point of view of your prospect or customer. Your sales funnel will be more successful when you give your target market what it wants, rather than trying to achieve what you want.
  • Test, test and then... test again. If you do not frequently try new things and tweak your sales funnel here and there, how do you know you are not leaving money on the table?
  • Don't require your prospects to make too many decisions. The shortest, simplest, most basic sales funnel will keep your audience from opting out of your message.
  • Don't be afraid to pay for traffic. Free search engine traffic is great. However, search engines change their algorithms all the time. When you pay for traffic, you guarantee a constant stream at the top of your funnel.
  • Even if your business is entirely on the Internet, don't forget to advertise off-line, in the "real world".
  • Don't forget to upsell. When someone buys something from you, they are at a high level of interest and desire. You should immediately follow up with a complementary offer with a higher price tag.
  • Don't forget the simple
    1) landing page,
    2) opt-in freebie,
    3) autoresponder email sequence process is a tried and tested sales funnel that works regardless of the market you are in.
  • Solo ads are good ways for you to target a known audience or prospect pool. You pay a blogger or Internet marketer to send an email out to their list, which drives targeted traffic to the top of your sales funnel.
  • Social media is good for engaging in a sales funnel, but not for selling. Use social media sites to build interest and desire, sending it back to a landing page or blog post.

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