The Benefits of a Membership Site

membership May 28, 2018

Many entrepreneurs dream of being able to work from a beach in Tahiti or a yurt in Big Sur at least once in awhile. But most business owners are tethered indefinitely to their office, and the idea of leaving their business and touring the world — or even taking a weeklong holiday — seems absurd.

If only there were a way to secure an automated passive income stream …

Enter the gated membership site.

A subscription product doesn’t require anyone physically at the wheel to guarantee an income, and it requires little daily upkeep. Successful membership sites combine the right software with valuable content and a sales funnel that reliably converts leads into sales.

You may already have a successful web presence. Perhaps you’re a blogger with a strong following, have an e-commerce site or are publishing podcasts or videos. Or maybe you just have a list of contacts receiving your monthly e-newsletter. Regardless, adding a membership component to your web presence can help you earn more money.

Membership sites offer benefits including:

REACHING A BROADER AUDIENCE Sharing your knowledge one-to-many instead of one-to-one will create stronger relationships with your existing buyers and result in more customers for you.

EARNING RECURRING REVENUE Running a membership site allows you to stop trading hours for dollars and start earning a (relatively) passive, recurring cash flow.

A SPACE FOR USER INTERACTION Membership sites enable members to leave comments on your pages, opening the door for interactivity through which you can foster customer relationships. You can even launch a full-blown forum site aimed at member interaction and open discussion.

ALL YOUR CONTENT PUBLISHED IN ONE PLACE Quickly and easily publish your written content, audio, video and file downloads in a single, convenient place thereby giving members of your site the ability to log in and consume all your content whenever it suits them.

THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR OTHERS A membership site gives you the ideal platform to help others gain something they want in life and avoid pain. If you’re an expert or coach in a particular field or niche, membership sites provide a platform to share that knowledge with others without adding to your workload. 

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